Fashion School Dropout

This is my second episode of Project Runway.  And there is one thing that I know for darn-sure. I know NOTHING about fashion. My 3 favorite looks were Michael C, Christopher and Casanova.

My taste is obviously more TJ Maxx and less Fashion Week. 

I am watching this show in an attempt to try to learn something about fashion. Here are the Top Ten things I learned from Episode 4:

10.) If an Oompa-Loompa and a Muppet mated, they would give birth to a Phillip Treacy hat.

9.) 1983 was Donna Karan’s best year.

8.) Trying to turn Quilted Northern into bootie shorts doesn’t impress the judges.

7.) Orchid’s lead to very interesting discussions.

6.)The cardboard milkmaid look is the hottest thing for fall.

5.)Christopher, to answer your question, Mondo is from Megaclite, which is not actually a planet but is one of Jupiter’s moons.

4.) Andy’s design does look expensive.  So does Flava Flav’s grill and Kim Kardashian’s rack.

3.) I heart taffeta!

2.) If I were going to my second cousin’s wedding I would LOVE to wear Ivy’s suit ensemble!

1.) Peach’s dress looks like it may have been made in the “Good China.”

And about the winner, Michael Costello, my TJ Maxx sensibilities really responded to his wrap-kerchief.  It’s one of the only things on the runway that I’d actually wear.  I guess that makes me “so 4 years ago” and “predictable.” But sometimes things are done frequently because they work.

Please feel free to dismiss my opinions as unsophisticated. I admit to that. I am still trying to wrap my head around some of this stuff. I wish we spent less of this 90 minutes about what inspired the designers, and how they stayed true to their “aesthetic”, and more about how they cut, pattern and construct their garments.  That is actually something that we could use. I would be super interested to know what type of stitch they used for their blind hem, or what presser foot they used for their gathered look.  But that’s just me.  Miss practical.

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2 Responses to Fashion School Dropout

  1. Laura K says:

    Seriously, the judges may be from Megaclite…

    Thanks for your insights!

  2. Jess says:

    I completely agree with you about sewing techniques. Even if they included just a 3-5 minute portion of the show showing actual techniques (“I used this kind of seam because…”, or “I couldn’t figure out how to make this work until I tried…”), that would be uber-useful and interesting to me! Nonetheless, I’m like you- a newbie, non-fashionista who enjoys the show and is “so 4 years ago”. :) And I’m OK with that.

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